McQueen is a management consulting firm.
We are at our best when business problems are complex, the path forward is unclear, and conventional approaches fall short.

What We Do

Our Unique Approach


Our Rapid Change Innovation (RCI) process is a fast-moving decision-making environment that explores options, drives commitment and breaks the cycle of "business as usual."


We dare our clients to be bold, inspiring them to make big decisions and to work through organizational issues to discover their next big breakthrough.


We use a unique interactive workshop format that inspires our clients to accomplish more than they thought possible.

Outside In

We create new experiences that change the way you view your customers – building a bridge between what is perceived and what is true.

McQueen Clients More about our services


McQueen facilitated site visits where my team talked to our customers and came back with hundreds of new ideas – they took the best, stepped up, dealt with very tough organizational issues and pushed to implementation.

SVP, Cancer Research Center

Being part of this team has been the highlight of my career. It’s been rare that a consulting relationship brings true insight and value to the work we do – but that is exactly what we got with McQueen.

VP Marketing, Major Health Plan

McQueen Consulting helped us drive a step function improvement in business results.

CEO, Major Blues Plan

This is the first time in my 11 years we have actually worked as a cross functional team.

RCI Team Member, Major Health Plan

We achieved more in 90 days with McQueen than we would have in a year on our own.

RCI Team Member, Major Health Plan