IFP Transformation

HEALTH PLAN: Alignment on strategy and implementation of consumer-oriented tools

This major health plan needed reputation recovery following a disastrous initial open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act. Ambitious new member acquisition and renewal targets were not supported by the existing structure and capabilities of the organization.

Using an intensive RCI process, the client was able to quickly solve problems and make decisions in real-time. Deep exposure to the voice of the customer, along with site visits to clinics/hospitals in underserved zip codes in Los Angeles, disrupted existing assumptions and business-as-usual thinking.

A newly-formed cross functional team worked "as one" to drive major improvements in record time. New B2C tools and capabilities were introduced – including intelligent video technology, targeted CRM, consumer/broker renewal portals, and a highly-effective customer service problem-resolution team. All this was achieved in 120 days. Most importantly, there was unprecedented accountability and commitment to IFP targets, across the entire enterprise. As a result of the RCI process, the organization exceeded its renewal targets.