Physician Citizenship

HOSPITAL SYSTEM: Fragmented hospital system not aligned on a framework of behaviors to provide high-quality care for patients as a unified care team; unable to unlock value-based agreements between providers

Our client sought to improve their competitive position through next generation ACO and value-based payment models, as well as to transform revenue, utilization, and quality improvement.

Through a "Phase 0" approach, three components of a citizenship framework were co-developed:

  1. A physician citizenship framework was needed to make the case for change - Physician citizenship improves physician retention and recruitment, patient care, and reimbursement.
  2. A vision to inspire and guide the strategy of a citizenship code - Physicians recognized how a citizenship code unifies their shared core commitment to patients and their communities, and implements next generation ACOs and value-based payment models.
  3. Practices to guide development of specific programs and measures - Observable behaviors were clearly defined through a paradigm of personal growth, teamwork, interpersonal communications, and alignment on shared values.

The end result was a first-ever alignment among the medical group, IPA, hospital physicians, hospitalists, and executive leadership on what it means to be a hospital system physician, and how this directly impacts quality, revenue, and utilization.